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Umbrella insurance FAQs

Umbrella insurance is one type of insurance that confuses most people. They don’t know what it is and if it is worth having. At Great Southern Agency in Tomball, TX, we are independent insurance agents and we work for our clients, not for an insurance company. You can count on us explaining things to you so you have the information you need to make an educated decision. 

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance. It supplements other insurance policies that you have with liability coverage. Some of the policies that have liability are home, condo, renters, auto, boat, and motorcycle. In the event that you have to use your liability coverage, your primary policy will cover to its limit and then your umbrella policy will kick in. 

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Almost everyone can benefit from umbrella insurance. Do you own a home? Do you have additional assets? Have you put aside some savings? Do you have a retirement account? Protecting all of these things is vital. What are the liability limits on your insurance policies? Will they leave you holding the bag in the event you need to use your liability protection?  Once you have the answer to these questions, you should be able to determine if umbrella insurance is a good option for you. 

Can I buy umbrella insurance without having other insurance?

No,  you can’t. Umbrella insurance is not a stand-alone policy. It is additional liability coverage in addition to the liability coverage that you have on another policy. 

Do only the rich benefit from umbrella insurance? 

No, it doesn’t matter how many assets you have, if you want to protect them, umbrella insurance is an affordable option. 

Call Great Southern Agency in Tomball, TX when you are ready to talk about how umbrella insurance might be right for you.

What You Need To Know About Recreation Insurance

Keeping your recreational vehicles and toys properly insured is the best way to keep the good times rolling. At Great Southern Agency serving Tomball, TX and surrounding areas we want to help our clients have fun the safest way possible. Keep reading to learn about the different types of recreation insurance. 

RV Insurance 

RV insurance can be used to cover your recreational vehicles such as campers and RVs. These types of vehicles will need the proper insurance coverage in order to be on the road. It is also important that you have these items covered with insurance so that your personal belongings within the RV will also be protected. 

Boat Insurance 

If you own a boat or watercraft, proper insurance is the only way to protect your investment in your watercraft. It is also the best way to protect yourself from liability should someone get injured on your boat or because of your boat. 


ATVs or all-terrain vehicles pose a particular risk to owners and riders. Because these vehicles are often taken into off road situations, the chance of wrecks or injuries is high. Having these vehicles properly insured will mean that should an accident happen you will not be held liable for injuries or damage. 

Motorcycle Insurance 

Motorcycles can be covered under recreational vehicle policies if they are not used as a primary mode of transportation. You can talk with an insurance representative to find out if your bike qualifies for this type of policy. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you are interested in recreational insurance policies, please contact us at Great Southern Agency, serving Tomball, TX and surrounding areas. 

4 Benefits of renters insurance

Have you ever assessed the value of the assets you have and what can transpire if unexpected peril strikes and they get damaged or stolen? Can you afford to replace them? If not, purchasing solidified renters insurance at Great Southern Agency is paramount. If you rent a home in Tomball, TX your space and belongings will require a prolific insurance policy to boost your safety. Unfortunately, many Tomball, TX residents ignore the investment of renters insurance with the belief that their landlord’s homeowners policy covers their personal property. Renters insurance provides a tenant with peace of mind that it will safeguard their property in the event of a covered peril. Please speak with our reputable agents at Great Southern Agency, and they will help you customize a renters’ insurance meeting your needs and budget. Keep reading to establish why renters insurance is of absolute necessity.

Investing in renters insurance in Tomball, TX is a prudent idea for any tenant because it’s a worthwhile asset that harbors the following benefits:

Protect personal property

It’s paramount for any tenant to understand that your landlord is not financially liable if a calamity strikes and ravages your belongings. Therefore, buying personal property coverage is crucial because it safeguards your possessions such as electronics, clothing, and furniture from imminent perils like theft and hailstorm. It pays for the cost of repair or replacement.

Liability protection

What transpires if a visitor residing on your premises trips and falls, breaking his arm or leg? Paying medical expenses out-of-pocket may be expensive. Worry not because purchasing liability coverage from Great Southern Agency safeguards you against imminent lawsuits, physical injuries, or property damage propagated by you or your family members to third parties.

Provision of additional living expenses: It’s imperative to understand that unforeseen events can relegate you to homelessness as a Tomball, TX resident after your rented apartment gets destroyed. Luckily, loss of use coverage comes to your rescue and caters to additional expenses and hotel bills if your condominium becomes uninhabitable and you reside elsewhere.

Offers medical payments coverage: It reimburses costs for reasonable medical bills if a visitor residing on your premises gets incapacitated, regardless of who is legally deemed responsible.

Do you want to gain peace of mind in Tomball, TX, which comes with guaranteed protection of yourself and your rented apartment? Contact us today at Great Southern Agency for a competitive renters’ insurance quote.

Risks Of Not Having Motorcycle Insurance

If you decided to get yourself a motorbike, you should also consider getting motorcycle insurance that will protect your precious vehicle, you as a motorist, and other people on the road. However, many motorcycle owners decide to save some money and not purchase motorcycle insurance. If you are one of them, you should realize that you will face a certain number of risks while riding a motorcycle without proper motorcycle insurance. 

Risks of Not Carrying Motorcycle Insurance

  • You can risk facing legal consequences by riding without motorcycle insurance. In the state of Texas, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without proper insurance. Therefore, a variety of different penalties may result, including tickets, fines, court appearances, license suspension, points on your driver’s license, and others. 
  • The damage to your motorbike is not covered. If you are involved in a road accident and your bike is damaged, you will have to pay for repairs or replacement out of pocket. 
  • You will be responsible for the injuries and medical bills of other people. If you cause a road accident and other people get injured, you will be responsible. As a result, you will have to cover their medical expenses and bills.

Great Southern Agency serving clients in Tomball, TX – An Insurance Agency You Can Trust

If you are a lucky owner of a motorcycle in the state of Texas and you are in Tomball, TX or any other surrounding town, you should not forget about getting a proper motorcycle insurance policy before hitting the road. If you are not sure what policy you need and how to choose motorcycle insurance, contact Great Southern Agency. We have years of experience, and we know how frustrating the process of choosing insurance may be. We will do our best to find you an insurance policy addressing your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to give us a call at any time – we are always here for you. 

Coverage Options for Boat Insurance

At Great Southern Agency, we can provide many high-quality insurance options for many situations. For example, we can give our clients excellent boating insurance policies that will help to keep their watercraft safe. What kind of policy options are available for you? Understanding your choices here will make it easier to find one that makes sense for your needs. 

Your Boating Insurance Policy Options 

High-quality boating insurance can be adjusted in various ways to protect to keep your watercraft from severe damage for years to come. Just a few of the most common types of coverage include options as diverse as:

  • Medical payment coverage to pay for medical costs or even funeral expenses 
  • Liability protection to keep you safe from crash-related lawsuits 
  • Property protection that repairs damage done to your boat 
  • Repair protection to keep your vehicle safe from damage 
  • Emergency repair coverage if your watercraft breaks down 
  • Uninsured/underinsured protection from other boasters on the water 
  • Agreed value coverage to help replace your boat
  • Personal effects policies to pay for items on the watercraft
  • Trailer protection to help keep your boating trailer safe from damage

Make sure that you talk to your insurance company about each of these options and select those that make the most sense for you. Most basic policies should cover these issues, though you may need to subtly adjust your choices to give yourself the best overall level of coverage here.

Give Yourself Great Insurance Help 

If you’re looking for an excellent boat insurance policy for your watercraft and aren’t sure where to turn, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Great Southern Agency, serving Tomball, TX. We will do what we can to help you better understand your policy options and to ensure that you never leave Tomball, TX, without a great policy that keeps your water vehicle protected from various types of issues. 

Can Umbrella Insurance Really Protect Me?

Insurance protects individuals against many things that can happen, such as fire, accidents, lawsuits, and more. However, sometimes insurance policies are not enough to cover all the costs associated with a claim. More and more people in Tomball TX choose to purchase umbrella insurance coverage, which protects them against the costs involved with a claim that basic insurance policies do not cover. Umbrella insurance can protect you, and the agents at Great Southern Agency can explain how. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance Coverage? 

To fully understand if umbrella insurance can protect you, you must first know what an umbrella, insurance policy is and what it covers. Umbrella insurance is an add-on policy to your existing liability insurance coverage. This policy comes into play when you reach the limits of your liability coverage on home or auto insurance. For example, when a claim is filed, your primary insurance policy only covers so much, the umbrella policy will cover and pay for the remaining balance. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Me? 

Umbrella insurance can protect you financially and protect all of your assets. For example, when a lawsuit or claim is filed against you, your umbrella insurance policy covers what your primary insurance plan does not. If you did not have umbrella insurance, you would be financially responsible for the amount of money you are liable for that your insurance company does not pay. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

Umbrella insurance offers additional coverage protecting against claims where you are found liable. Coverage includes bodily injury to others and damage to another person’s property.

Umbrella insurance can help protect Tomball, TX residents against financial responsibility associated with claims where they are held liable. The experts at Great Southern Agency can provide additional information as to how umbrella insurance coverage can protect you and your assets. 

3 Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance

Water damage is nothing to mess with. Flooding is devastating and often hits with very little to no warning. Even those who are not living in a flood plain need flood insurance.

Why do I need flood insurance, and what does it cover?

If you live near the water, it’s an easy decision to look for good flood insurance. But, what if you are located several miles away from the threat of a hurricane or rising river, like the people of Tomball, TX?

What if I don’t even live in a flood plain. Won’t my home insurance cover flood damage?

Even if you have flood insurance, be sure to understand the terms. Not all water damage is covered. The experts at Great Southern Agency know that the truth is everyone needs flood insurance.

Here are 3 reasons why you need flood insurance.

  1. Protects Property – Your home is probably the most costly investment you have. It only makes sense to make sure it is protected from any damage including flood. Flood insurance will usually cover damage to roofs, walls, floors, and permanent fixtures.
  2. Protects Your Family – Your home should be a place that family members feel safe. If flooding wipes out the house, they will no longer have a home.
  3. Peace of Mind – Some things are more than financial worries. A flood can happen with no warning. Water damage can be devastating destroying everything inside the house. If you are covered with flood insurance, you will never have to worry.

Even if you currently have flood insurance, it may be time to go over your policy to make sure it will cover what you think it covers. Contact Great Southern Agency serving Tomball, TX to get the facts about flood insurance.

What to Expect With Texas Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is not a mandatory requirement in Tomball, TX, but a lender will require it. Condo insurance is a little different from your standard home insurance. Your condo association or corporation will also have its own master policy that will cover some things around your property that you won’t have to worry about.

There’s still a lot to think about when you are purchasing condo insurance. At Great Southern Agency, we can help you get the condo insurance coverage that you need to protect you from every risk.

What Does Condo Association Insurance Cover?

Condo corporation insurance covers damage to the common areas of your condominium complex, as well as any amenities areas such as a gym or the pool. The lobby, elevators, laundry, and parking lots and grounds are all covered by your condo board’s policy.
Your condo insurance will cover your property, your personal liability, and your common loss assessment.

Personal Property Insurance

Property coverage for your condo insurance will cover the losses of your property when it is destroyed, lost, and damaged. It can also cover the contents of any storage lockers in your building or on site. This coverage protects that property wherever it goes.

If you are taking your laptop with you on a road trip and it is stolen, your condo insurance will cover it.

You can add riders for things such as valuable articles, musical instruments, jewelry, art, or any property that you have that is valued above standard coverage limits.

Improvements and Betterments Coverage

Improvements and betterments coverage will pay for any changes that you make to your condo when there has been damage.

Personal Liabilities

If something happens inside your home, and you are liable for the problem, a personal liabilities coverage will pay for medical or legal claims that result. If the problem happens in any of the common areas, your condo association’s policy will cover some of that.

That is where the common elements loss assessment comes in. Their coverage will pay for some of it, but they might be carrying high deductibles. In those events, they will ask the members of the condominium complex to help pay for the claims. Your common elements loss assessment coverage will pay for that.

Get a Quote

Condo insurance sounds complicated but it isn’t really. At Great Southern Agency in Tomball, TX, we can help you to design the best policy for your needs. Call us for a quote today.

4 Things to Know about Texas Recreational Insurance

Tomball, TX, is nestled near the national forest and is home to all types of outdoor activities. Non-passenger automobiles such as golf carts, four-wheelers, Jet Skis, and ATVs make playing outside more enjoyable. These types of vehicles are covered by recreational insurance, sometimes also called toy insurance. At Great Southern Agency, we know you deserve to play with peace of mind. 

Not Covered by Homeowner’s Policy

Outdoor toy vehicles are typically not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Even though many of these types of vehicles require a title, but not necessarily registration, it’s still essential to take out liability insurance policies on each of them. If you’re involved in a collision or property damage results due to one of these toys, you can be held liable. 

Responsibility if Stolen

Suppose your ATV, golf cart, boat, crawler, or other recreational vehicle is stolen and involved in an accident. In that case, you, as the owner, can still be held responsible for the resulting property damage and medical bills. Being financially accountable can be devastating, even though this unfortunate situation may have happened through no fault of your own. A good liability policy can give you more security.

Insured at Cash Value 

Many of these vehicles are insured only at actual cash value at the time of accident or loss. For example, if you paid $7,500.00 for a recreational toy vehicle, but after five years, it’s now only worth $2500.00, you might be overpaying for insurance. The insurance policy may not pay out the original cost of the vehicle. 

Be Aware of Modifications

The State of Texas is particular about what each recreational vehicle or toy vehicle needs to stay classified as a specialty vehicle. If significant modifications are made, it may no longer be classified under a recreational category. If this happens, an insurance company might cancel future coverage for that recreational toy vehicle. 

Contact Great Southern Agency

Faithfully serving Tomball, TX, and the surrounding areas, Great Southern Agency is happy to help you pick the right Texas recreational insurance for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote!

3 Main Areas Protected By Renters Insurance

You may have heard someone ask you, "Why do I need renters insurance? Wouldn’t my landlord’s policy not cover me?" Whether a seasoned renter or renting an apartment for the first time, you need renters insurance. Why? If you want to find more, contact Great Southern Agency located in Tomball, TX. We can break it down for you. 

Typically, you aren’t required to carry renters insurance by law, but some landlords may expect you to buy a policy to live in their building. But whether required or not, it’s a good idea to purchase renters insurance because it covers you in the following areas.

Personal property coverage

Think about how much money you have put into buying your clothing, electronics, and furniture. Quite substantial, right? Now imagine what fire or theft could do to your personal stuff. But because perils can’t be eliminated 100 percent, renters insurance protects your valuables when the worst happens. In case of damage, your renter’s insurance replaces your personal belongings up to your policy limit.

Personal liability

Covers medical costs for injuries suffered by third parties while on your property. It also covers legal fees if the person goes ahead and sues you. Additionally, liability coverage covers damages you might have caused to another person’s property.

Additional living expenses

If your apartment becomes unlivable, and you have to seek temporal accommodation (maybe a hotel), your insurance covers expenses you incur for living somewhere else.

There is a common misconception that your landlord’s insurance covers you. This notion isn’t true. Your landlord’s insurance covers the building and not your or your personal belongings. That said, anyone renting a condo, apartment, or townhouse should get renters insurance because of the wealthy benefits it has.

Renters insurance in Tomball, TX  

If you want to purchase coverage, we can provide a quote. Need more information on renters insurance? Please contact Great Southern Agency for more insight.